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Commuter Passes

SEPTA’s Partner Program issues bulk quantities of disposable fare transit cards in amounts ranging from 50 to 9,750.  These disposable media cards carry no expiration date and are valid on bus, trolley, and subway rides. The fare cards may be purchased online from SEPTA’s website (https://www.septakey.org/ecustomer_enu/start.swe) and payment can be made by selecting ‘credit card’ and using your department’s Purchasing Card as your form of payment. SEPTA has provided a ‘how-to’ video that offers step-by-step instructions as to how an organization may register and order bulk quantities of these disposable fare cards; https://vimeopro.com/flatworld/septainstitutionalprogram.  The transportation authority has established a direct support telephone number in the event additional assistance is necessary; 267-479-5177.

Payroll deductions are applied to commuter accounts in the same month the benefit is utilized. For example, if you are commuting in June, but would like to cancel your July benefit, your last deduction would be received in June to coincide with your benefit for that month. As long as you cancel prior to June 10, you would see no deduction in July.

This also applies to the WageWorks Commuter Card. With our WageWorks partnership, we are able to offer commuter benefits within the same month as your deduction to avoid the hassle of prepaying and refunding for our commuters.

Please contact WageWorks at +1 877 924 3967 and follow the prompts for assistance.

Passes will be mailed to your address of record in time for you to use them the following month. If you have not received your pass by the last day of the month before the month of usage, YOU MUST call WageWorks at 1-877-924-3967 and follow the prompts, to report that you have not received your pass, to receive instructions, and request a Special Handling Form. You will be asked to pay for your commuting expenses directly and then submit the Special Handling Form, along with a receipt. WageWorks will send you a refund check via U.S. Postal Service.

Note the following information:

  • Reimbursement forms for never-received passes cannot be submitted until first of the month the transit benefit is valid for and intended for use, and no later than the 10th of that same month.  
  • Only one lost pass claim per 12 month period is permitted. If another claim is made withing that time, it will not be processed.
  • Once a reimbursement has been processed and approved for payment, a check will be issued.

Yes. You can set your account to automatically recreate your order on a monthly basis when you enroll. You can even choose to have your order recur in some months and not in others by marking the appropriate box in front of each month. To update your recurring order settings, click Manage My Calendar on the WageWorks Commuter site; any updates you make will affect only the months you have indicated.

You can change your election for the upcoming month until the published deadline, which is the tenth of the prior month.  For example, if you want to change your order for January, you must do so on or before December 10. Once an election has been placed and the deadline has passed, it cannot be changed.