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Commuter Passes

SEPTA’s Partner Program issues bulk quantities of disposable fare transit cards in amounts ranging from 50 to 9,750.  These disposable media cards carry no expiration date and are valid on bus, trolley, and subway rides. The fare cards may be purchased online from SEPTA’s website (https://www.septakey.org/ecustomer_enu/start.swe) and payment can be made by selecting ‘credit card’ and using your department’s Purchasing Card as your form of payment. SEPTA has provided a ‘how-to’ video that offers step-by-step instructions as to how an organization may register and order bulk quantities of these disposable fare cards; https://vimeopro.com/flatworld/septainstitutionalprogram.  The transportation authority has established a direct support telephone number in the event additional assistance is necessary; 267-479-5177.

Payroll deductions are applied to commuter accounts in the same month the benefit is utilized. For example, if you are commuting in June, but would like to cancel your July benefit, your last deduction would be received in June to coincide with your benefit for that month. Commuters have until the 19 of the month prior to the start of the benefit month if the order was placed through Jawnt.  Commuter Card orders  made through Health Equity may be modified through the 10 of the month preceding the benefit month.


You can change your election for the upcoming month until the published deadline.  If you are placing an order with Jawnt, the deadline is the 19th of previous month.  If your commuter order is with Health Equity, you must make a change by the tenth of the prior month. 

Once an election has been placed and the deadline has passed, it cannot be changed.