General Information on Parking Permits Occasional Parking

Occasional Parking Program options and guidelines are available to faculty and staff who actively participate in Penn’s pre-tax transit commuter program. Occasional Parking is a convenient option for program participants who use public transit, vanpool, carpool, or biking to commute to Penn but sometimes have a need to drive and park on campus.

On an annual basis, these individuals may purchase 10 single-use passes at a cost of $60, which reflects a discount of over 50% off the standard daily parking rate. Passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and may be used at the following locations: Penn Park Lot and Walnut 40 Garage. Individuals wishing to park in the Walnut 40 Garage must specify they wish to use this parking facility at the time of purchase as the garage requires a pass that is different from that of the lots. Alternatively, Occasional Parkers may exchange valid lot passes should they ever need to park in the garage.

Here are program guidelines:

  • Occasional Parking is available at Penn Park Lot and Walnut 40 Garage
  • Passes will be available for purchase for a total of $60, by payroll deduction only
  • Participants can't purchase additional passes within the one-year time frame
  • Participants must have a valid Penn ID Card, proof of current participation in transit, vanpool, carpool, or biking program
  • Participants can not be a current Penn Parking permit holder

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