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Now Available: Discounted Overflow Parking for Penn and UPHS Communities

In support of this year’s unprecedented demand for parking, Penn Transportation and Parking is pleased to announce the availability of discounted daily (12-hour) and monthly permit parking rates at the Amtrak CIRA Parking Deck, 2929 Arch Street, next to the 30th Street Train Center.

This location, operated by SP+ Corporation (also known as is conveniently connected to the LUCY® Gold and Green Shuttle Routes, which operate Monday – Friday from 6:10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and provide free transportation to campus and the hospital complex for riders who display their PennCards or UPHS IDs.

Advanced registration is required. 

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Service & Operations Update from SEPTA

In this recent webinar from SEPTA, commuters can learn why "SEPTA is the WAY TO GO BACK."


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