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Alerts & Updates

Important Information for Penn Commuters

New Penn Bus East Route In Effect

The Chestnut Street Bridge is closed for renovations and according to PennDOT, the bridge will be closed to all traffic, including pedestrians, bicycles, and cars for approximately one year.

Penn Bus East is running a modified route due to traffic pattern changes and will not travel along Chestnut and Market Streets.  The route will start at Franklin’s Table, travel along Walnut Street, turning at 40th Street and again at Spruce Street to South Street, then turning left along 20th Street, looping back along Walnut Street.  Along this route, Penn Bus East will continue to stop at these designated transit stops: Franklin’s Table, Penn Bookstore, Pottruck Center, Schattner Center, Rosenthal Building, the Quad, and Gates Pavilion.  Hours of operations remain the same; Monday – Friday 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.   You can monitor buses operating along the Penn Bus East route in real-time by downloading the PennRides on Request mobile app and clicking on the en Route tab found at the bottom-right corner of the landing page.

Click here to learn more about the Chestnut Street Bridge Closure Project.




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News & Announcements

New Requirements from SEPTA for TransPass Holders

SEPTA has announced that TransPasses are no longer valid as an acceptable fare for Weekday travel on the transportation authority's Airport Regional Rail Line.   A Zone 1 or higher TrailPass is required. 

Information from SEPTA for Early Adopters of SEPTA Key Cards

Some of the first Key Cards issued have begun to expire, so please take a moment to check the “GOOD THRU” date on the front of your Card.  If your Card is set to expire and it is not already registered, please do so immediately at  This action protects your Card and fare products and makes it much easier to transfer any Travel Wallet funds or unused One Day Independence/One Day Convenience Passes on your Card.

Before you can transfer your fare products, you will need to purchase a new SEPTA Key Card.  For your convenience, there’s a card kiosk at the SEPTA Travel Center@Penn in the Penn Bookstore.  Don’t forget to immediately register your new Card to your existing account – you’ll need to do this before the fares can be transferred. Once you have a new Card, you can either go to a SEPTA Sales Location or call the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782) to complete the transfer.

If your Card expires and it is unregistered, contact the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center at 855-567-3782 to request a refund/credit for any remaining Travel Wallet Funds or unused One Day Independence/One Day Convenience Passes.

Changes in Penn Parking for July 1, 2019

Penn Parking is undergoing changes for the new fiscal year. Please review the changes and current guidelines below to keep your parking account up-to-date and in compliance with the guidelines of Penn Parking.

New for July 1, 2019:

  • Hangtags will no longer expire.
    • All permit holders will receive a new hangtag to utilize year to year as they maintain an account in good standing with Penn Parking. 
    • The cost to obtain a replacement credential is $65.
    • Open Lot hangtags must be returned to the parking office to stop payroll deductions. If lost, the replacement fee must be paid and hangtags will be coded as Lost/Stolen to prevent further usage. Never use a Lost/Stolen hangtag to prevent costly fees and towing. If hangtag is found, please return to the Parking Office immediately.
  • Student parking is available at the garage located at 40th and Walnut Streets.  
  • Monthly permits may be purchased for a minimum of one month.
    • The cost of parking may not be prorated for less than a one-month stay.
    • Please request VIP parking passes if staying for less than a four-week period.
  • Beginning July 1, any tickets and violations received will need to be paid before conducting further parking transactions with Penn Parking.
    • If you are a permit holder with an unpaid violation, this will hinder permit renewals, purchases for specialty parking, even credential replacement.
    • Non-permit holders will no longer be able to purchase VIP, Occasional Parking, or other services should they have an unpaid balance with Penn Parking.

Things to remember:

  • Hangtags must be completely visible to avoid ticketing.
    • All permit holders must display hangtags when parking on campus.
  • To cancel parking, all credentials (hangtag, access card, AVI device) must be returned to the Transportation and Parking Office in order to stop payroll deductions.
    • Credit card payments can be prorated weekly after the one month minimum is fulfilled.
    • Garage/lot assignments are only held for permit holders who cancel their parking due to medical leave. Proper verification is necessary upon return in order to reactivate your assignment.
  • Any person with ambulatory difficulty and requires special parking arrangements may make arrangements through the Office of Affirmative Action.
    • Affirmative action will contact Parking Services on your behalf, with documentation and approval for special parking.
      • Please visit our office to pick up your temporary credentials. Parking Services does not print accessible parking hangtags.
  • Permit holders are reminded that their parking accounts must be up-to-date with a current email address to receive notifications.
    • Please login to verify and update your parking account.
      • Verify that the phone numbers and contact information are correct as it may be necessary for Penn Parking to contact permit holders by phone.
      • Always make sure is on your safe list to avoid emails being directed to spam.
  • Continue to visit for up-to-date information about parking, transportation, and other important announcements. Also, check the FAQs for answers to your questions.


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