General Information on Parking Permits Hangtag Information

Permit Hangtag Display

Penn Parking hangtags enable patrons to easily park regardless of the car they are driving by simply entering the replacement car information in the online parking system accessible from update your parking and then moving the hangtag. 

How to Use a Hangtag

  • The hangtag must be current and visible from the vehicle's rearview mirror.
  • Permit holders must park in their assigned lot or garage during regular business hours.
  • Patrons may register multiple vehicles, but only one car may use the hangtag at a time.
  • Replacement permit hangtags may be obtained in the Parking Office. A fee will be assessed for lost or stolen permit hangtags. Fees are also charged for replacement AVIs.

Vehicles in violation risk receiving a warning ticket. Additional fees will be assessed for lost garage access cards. The permit holder is responsible for advising the Parking Office of any change in vehicle and/or license plate number. To temporarily park an unregistered vehicle in an assigned lot (due to new purchase, repair, or emergency), the permit holder must use the same hangtag without notifying the Parking Office. Personal notes placed on or inside vehicles are not valid.

Permit Sharing

Parking permits are not transferable and will be revoked in the event of misrepresentation of any applicant, permit, or vehicle.