Information on Parking Permits Health Equity Commuter Parking Card

The Commuter Parking Card is available to University of Pennsylvania benefits-eligible, full-time faculty, staff and Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows who would like to allocate a pre-set dollar amount on the stored value debit card for as-needed parking. (HUP employees are advised to contact their benefits department for information about HUP commuter cards.)  Similar to other programs administered by Health Equity, parkers can realize significant tax savings by deducting their occasional commuting parking fees, including via payroll, up to $315 a month will be assessed on a pre-tax basis. Any amount over $315 each month is regarded as post-tax dollars. 

This card can be used at Penn garages and lots that allow visitor parking. It is intended to cover parking costs associated with your commute to work, and not for parking costs incurred for work-related travel expenses and non-work-related events and activities. (Note – the card is not intended for permit parkers at Penn parking facilities.) Consult with Health Equity for information on other commuter parking facilities where your card may be used.

Penn faculty and staff may follow these steps to place an order for a Commuter Parking Card:

  • Visit the Health Equity Commuter Portal.  You will be prompted to enter your PennKey and password to enter the site.
  • Select Enroll in Commuter then Parking
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to place your monthly order.  You may select a one-time or recurring monthly amount to be loaded onto the card via payroll deduction.
  •  Activate your Commuter Parking Card when it arrives in the mail by phoning the number listed on your new card.  Failure to activate your card will result in your card being declined at any parking kiosk or machine.

IMPORTANT: All orders pertaining to Commuter Parking Cards must be submitted no later than the 10th day of the month prior to the commuting month requested.  For instance, if you are placing an order for the August commuting month, your order in the Health Equity portal must be made by July 10, in order for it to be effective August 1st. Your payroll will be deducted in August for the funds you ordered – deductions occur in the commuting month, not the month when an order may be placed.  For weekly-paid employees, the amount will be evenly split based upon the pay cycles for that specific month, while monthly payroll employees will have one payroll deduction.

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