Services for Penn Departments Charter Services Overview

Travel the Penn way to your next University event, and reserve a charter with Penn Transit Services.  Able to accommodate large groups or small gatherings, buses and shuttles from Penn’s fleet are available to provide a unique transportation experience to University departments.  Each charter request is tailored to a group’s specific needs based on Penn Transit’s selection of fleet vehicles.  Group planners will enjoy  Penn Transit’s competitive rates and convenient billing through an internal process that uses the 26-digit budget code from the sponsoring department.  There’s no need for a purchase order or credit card payment.

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How to use Penn Transit Charter Services

Step 1.

Choose a Vehicle

Determine which of our charter bus vehicles is right for you.

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Step 2.

Check our Charter Bus Rates

All charters include a certified University driver.

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Step 3.

Review our Cancellation Fees and Policies

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to fees.

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Step 4.

Reserve Your Vehicle

Complete the online charter bus service reservation form and we will contact you to confirm your requests.

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Note: When Penn Transit Services does not have resources available to accommodate a charter request, the request is outsourced to a qualified charter vendor. Penn Transit assesses the safety records of bus companies using a thorough, comprehensive review process and monitors the companies to ensure they continue to operate safely. Motor Carriers are only selected after Penn Transit reviews a comprehensive Motor Carrier Report by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Penn Transit monitors all approved bus carriers on a consistent basis to ensure performance continues to meet Penn’s strict standards.


Proposals for service will be provided with an emphasis on customer service and cost savings, which will include a nominal booking charge. A vendor may contact you to confirm or review your request details. The remainder of the booking and actual charter event will be managed and monitored by Penn Transit Services.