General Information on Commuter Benefits WageWorks Commuter Card

Use the Health Equity/WageWorks Commuter Card accepted at Transit Agencies, fare vending machines and designated transit retail centers that sell transit passes, tickets, fare cards and accept the VISA card for payment.  Health Equity/WageWorks Commuter Cards may not be used to purchase the PATCO Freedom Card. 

While SEPTA does not discount this product similar to its monthly pass, Penn does commit to the 5% subsidy.  Further, Federal tax law allows employees to use up to $280.00 of their pay for this benefit and that it will be in “pre-tax” dollars.

The Health Equity/WageWorks Commuter Card offers eligible employees a five percent subsidy on funds placed on the Commuter Card. Benefits realized from using the Commuter Card are:

  • The security of electronic funding. 
  • It can link to an existing travel wallet.
  • You can choose the exact amount you wish to put on the card.


To apply for a card or update your profile.