Information on Commuter Benefits Student PennPass

SEPTA Student PennPass

As Philadelphia’s primary regional transit option, the SEPTA system offers city subways, buses, trolleys, and regional trains. 

A SEPTA PennPass should provide savings over retail costs for students who frequent the SEPTA system.

How to Order a SEPTA PennPass

  • Purchase a SEPTA KeyCard from a SEPTA retailer or the kiosk at the Penn Bookstore (3601 Walnut Street).
  • Register your SEPTA KeyCard at and take note of SEPTA Card Reference ID which is found under Card Options.
  • Order the PennPass via Campus Express.


New Jersey Transit

Full-time students are eligible for a 25% discount on NJ Transit, New Jersey's public transportation system. A special MyTik program is a fast, easy way to buy a monthly discounted pass which is mailed to you automatically each month.