Information on Parking Permits Cancel a Permit

Permit Cancellation

Parking permits may be canceled at any time during the year. To cancel a permit and a payroll deduction, the permit hangtag, AVI transponder (if issued) and access card must be returned to the Parking Office, 3401 Walnut Street, Suite 447A.  A cancellation to parking access and payroll deduction will be processed, based on the date of receipt of these credentials. Payroll deductions will not be removed until the credentials are returned.

Permit holders that have paid via credit card or Student Financial Services must return all credentials (hangtag, AVI, access card) to receive any refunds. Refunds will be assessed based on the date of receipt of these credentials.

Please notify the Parking Office if the credentials cannot be returned immediately. Any credentials not returned will assess a Lost Permit / Access fee to be paid before re-issuing a replacement permit.