Our Initiatives Green Parking Lot offers commuting alternatives

Penn Parking Services has created a “Green Lot” at 34th and Chestnut Streets. The lot features a variety of resources to make traveling to and from campus more sustainable and encourages our patrons to consider other alternatives to the single-car commute. Charging is available anytime to permit holders assigned to that lot. After 2:30pm, charging can be accessed by anyone paying the kiosk. The Green Lot features:

  • Solar-powered pay kiosks.
  • The lot, which is located along a city-designated bike corridor, accommodates outdoor bike parking in a safe, cordoned-off area.  The lot is also equipped with a bike repair station, one of three on campus.
  • Special space allotments have been given to motorcycle parking (permit required before 2:30 pm) and van pooling. Additionally, there are four car-share spaces, two for ZipCar and two for Enterprise.
  • There are four electric vehicle charging stations (permit required before 2:30 pm). The stations are owned by Penn, and operated by Blink. Use of these machines is via membership with Blink.