Share a Ride Car-Sharing Discounts and Benefits

The Benefits of CarSharing

Car-sharing is an alternative to the costs and responsibilities of personally owning or renting a car. It's also more flexible than public transportation. Penn works with two car-sharing companies; Enterprise CarShare and ZipCar. Both companies offer the option of opening a departmental or personal account.

Benefits for Penn Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Convenience: Hybrids, minivans, and more are available by the hour or day from convenient campus locations. Driving is easy: book online, hop in, and go!
  • Green: Car-sharing simply takes more cars off the road. People who frequently use car sharing also tend to sell their own cars eventually and start using alternate modes of transportation, like biking and walking.
  • Affordable: Owning a car is expensive with gas, insurance, parking, repairs, etc. With car-sharing, you get the benefits of having access to a personal vehicle without all the added cost.

For more information, visit the Penn Travel Website.