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Health Equity Commuter Card

For information about how to use Commuter Credits along with other helpful information about this process, please log on to your WageWorks account, then click on Documents and Forms to access WageWorks’ Frequently Asked Questions about Commuter Pre-Tax Credits.  You may also contact WageWorks Customer Service at 1-877-924-3967.  Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to assist you.

A former employee who has left the University with a Pay Me Back Parking (PMB) balance has 180 days after the end of the last eligible benefit month to file a claim.  This does not apply to commuter credits.  Credits are forfeited back to the employer and cannot be given back to the employee per IRS Rules and Regulations.   

Note:  employees who have had their employment terminated forfeit their commuter credits.  Pre-tax deductions, once taken, may only be used to pay for a commuter benefit and cannot be reimbursed to the employee. 

There is a $1,000 maximum that may be carried on a commuter account at any time.  Should this limit be exceeded, commuter elections will be cancelled until the commuter spends down the balance.

Commuter Pre-tax Credits do not have an expiration date.

Should a commuter have unused payroll deductions carried forward from a previous commuter program with another administrator, WageWorks will convert those payroll deductions to pre-tax credits in the WageWorks system.

At the time of your initial order, you will be asked to make a monthly election amount to be posted to your Commuter Transit or Commuter Parking card. Select the Recurring Order option to have funds automatically loaded onto your card each month. By doing so, cardholders have the security of electronic funding and can purchase commuter products at your convenience.

  • Commuter Transit Cardholders – funds are loaded on or about the twenty-first of the month prior to the commuting month
  • Commuter Parking Cardholders - Funds are loaded on the first day of the commuting month

When you receive the Commuter Card in the mail, call the phone number on the card to activate your card.  The card will be declined if it has not been activated.  You may access your account online to view its transaction history, check the available balance on your card, or report your card as lost or stolen.

The Commuter Card is a convenient, secure stored value card that is available for eligible qualified transit or parking products.

From the online ordering platform, use the Card Management tab to activate your card, view transaction history, check the available balance on your card or report your card as lost/stolen.

The card can be used for eligible Commuter expenses, as outlined by IRS regulations. Your card will only work at eligible locations, which means you do not need to submit receipts.

  • The Commuter Transit Card can be used at Transit Agencies, fare vending machines, kiosks and designated transit retail centers that sell only transit passes, tickets, fare cards, and van pool passes. The card cannot be used at retail locations (i.e. gift shops, pharmacies, etc.) that sell products other than transit media. The purchase location also must accept a Visa debit card for payment.
  • The Commuter Parking Card can be used at authorized parking facilities nationwide where a Visa debit card is an acceptable form of payment.
  • Be advised that the Commuter Card may not be used to purchase a PATCO Freedom Card.


There are no issuance or transaction fees for using the Commuter Card.

Commuter Transit and Parking accounts allow you to carry unused balances from month to month and year to year. As long as you remain enrolled in the plan, your balance will be available for use (subject to IRS and/or Plan limits). However, if you find you are carrying balances forward each month, you may want to adjust your contribution amount so that you can exhaust your unused account balance.