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SEPTA ComPass Key Card

The cost of SEPTA Key Card -- a reloadable, contactless, chip card -- is $4.95.  When you purchase a card, you must make a purchase – the minimum-load amount in the Travel Wallet is all your need ($1.00 at a Fare Kiosk / $5.00 at a SEPTA Sales Office). Currently, SEPTA refunds the $4.95 fee into your Travel Wallet.

Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff can take advantage of receiving a discounted SEPTA monthly pass with pre-tax savings when participating in the Penn Commuter Program.  As a current Key cardholder, please follow these steps to place your monthly commuter order with Health Equity/WageWorks:

- Register your Key Card with SEPTA at www.septakey.org, if you have not already done so. 

- Retrieve your card’s Card Reference ID (this is NOT the card number listed on the front-face of your Key Card).  Visit www.septakey.org and click on My Account, Card Options to obtain your card’s unique number.  Make a record of this ID number or use your computer’s copy/paste functions to paste the number directly into your WageWorks account to ensure the integrity of the number.  This number links your Key Card to your monthly commuter order.

 - Log in to your Health Equity/WageWorks account to place your SEPTA ComPass Key Card commuter order. Once you successfully place your commuter order, your monthly transit pass will be directly loaded onto your SEPTA Key Card. 

Note – commuter orders for the next monthly cycle must be filed by the 10th of the month prior to the intended start in the Penn Commuter Program.

Please contact SEPTA at 1-855-56-SEPTA (1-855-567-3782) for matters relating to the use or balance of your SEPTA Key Card.  If you have questions regarding your commuter order, please contact Health Equity/WageWorks at 1-877-924-3967 and follow the prompts.

That product is currently not available, although SEPTA may add that option in the future.

SEPTA has advised Penn that funds in the Wallet can be used to purchase pay-as-go retail fares for the days you will be commuting.

You can locate your Card Reference ID after you register your card at septakey.org under “Card Options.” As a reminder, the Card Reference ID is NOT the number found on your Key Card. If you enter the card number on your card, your commuter order will not properly load onto your SEPTA Key Card.

Many times the reason is that the commuter order typically failed to load onto the card.  The top reasons this happens are a) an invalid Card Reference ID number is provided, b) the card has a negative balance, or c) the autoload feature has been activated.

To rectify any one of the above issues, please log into your Health Equity/WageWorks account and either update your Card Reference ID number, upload funds to change your negative balance status, or deactivate the autoload feature.

According to Health Equity/WageWorks, if you do not make the change by the October benefit month deadline (September 10, 2020), your order will be fulfilled with a WageWorks Commuter Card.


The SEPTA commuter products that currently can be pre-loaded onto a SEPTA Key Card are monthly SEPTA TransPasses, monthly Regional Rail TrailPasses (Zones 1 - Anywhere), and a Regional Rail Cross-County pass. Weekly passes and 10-trip tickets are not available on the Key Card. You may utilize personal Travel Wallet balances to pay for individual trips.

Report a lost or stolen Registered Key Card by calling the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center at 855-567-3782 or going online to www.septakey.org.  The funds in your Travel Wallet and your current Pass will be suspended when you make this report and may not be used until you obtain a replacement Key Card so it's important to do it right away. Don't forget to register your replacement card with Health Equity/WageWorks as well. 


When you register your SEPTA Key Card with SEPTA at https://www.septakey.org, it is critical that you write down the Card Reference ID. It is not the actual card number on the face of the Key Card.  Instead, it is on the “My Account” page on the SEPTA Key website. The Card Reference ID is a requirement during the Health Equity/WageWorks registration process, accessible at https://participant.wageworks.com/.  You will be prompted to enter your PennKey and password to enter the Health Equity/WageWorks portal.  Note: although you should write the number down, the safest and most accurate way to capture the number is to use your computer’s copy/paste functions to paste the number directly into your WageWorks account to ensure the integrity of the number.


The magnetic-stripe passes have been retired by SEPTA and the commuter prouduct called SEPTA ComPass is no longer available. Instead, select SEPTA ComPass Key Card when placing your monthly commuter order with Health Equity/WageWorks.  Your pass will be issued 'electronically' as a direct-load pass onto your Key Card.

Key Cards are available at the following SEPTA locations: station fare kiosks, sales offices, and outlying regional rail ticket offices.  Find one of these locations at www.septakey.org/info/buy-load-locator.

Also, there is a SEPTA Key Kiosk at the Penn Bookstore, 3601 Walnut Street, ground floor.