Walking & Biking Bike Commuter Reimbursement Program

The Penn Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program offers bicycle commuting expenses to qualified faculty, staff, and Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows for any out-of-pocket eligible expenses up to $240 annually. Unlike a flexible spending account, reimbursement comes directly from the University and is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service.

Expense categories that the University will reimburse are bike purchases; maintenance, improvements, and bike accessories; parking and commercial storage costs; and safety gear. Purchases such as membership and program fees along with clothing and apparel are not considered allowable expenses.

Funding for this program is provided by the Division of Business Services in support of the University’s Climate Action Plan.

Follow the steps below to enroll in the program.

Step 1.

Confirm your eligibility. Participants must:

  • Be full-time, benefits-eligible faculty or staff, or Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows;
  • Commute by bicycle to and from Penn greater than 50% of the time in a qualified bike commuting month;
  • Not participate in any of Penn’s other commuter transit or parking programs; and
  • Register the bike with the Division of Public Safety
Register Your Bike
Step 2.

Download Eligibility Form

All program participants are required to complete the Eligibility Form, which will be available for download January 1, 2024. Do not use previous versions of the form as they are invalid and will cause a delay in the reimbursement process.

Download form 


Step 3.

Submit Your Claims

Claims from Tax Year 2023 may be submitted from January 1 until February 29, 2024.  Concur, the University’s expense management system, will be leveraged to support the overall process. Bike commuters are encouraged to access Concur at any time throughout this tax year to upload their receipts of eligible expenses.

View Instructions

For more information, access the Program FAQs or contact bikecommuter@upenn.edu.