Our Initiatives AVI Transponders

AVI transponders are similar to EZ Pass and provide quick and easy access and egress from the parking garage. Parking permit holders at Chestnut 34, Penn Museum, Spruce 38 and Walnut 38 garages have the option to use an AVI transponder to enter and exit their facilities.

AVI transponders should be mounted to the middle of the windshield. They can also lay on the middle of the dashboard. The transponder is not designed as a handheld device. Once the transponder is in place, pull right up to the gate upon entering and exiting the garage so that the signal from the transponder may be correctly read.

Permit holders will have access to their facilities at all times with the AVI transponder. While the transponder replaces the access card for use when entering the garage with your vehicle, cards still provide access to garage pedestrian doors when the doors are locked.

Should you require a replacement device, visit the Penn Transportation and Parking Office at 3401 Walnut Street, Suite 447A.  The replacement fee is $30.00 for AVI boxes and $65 for AVI hangtags and will be refunded if you locate and return your original transponder within two weeks.