FAQs Transit FAQs

Using PennTransit Mobile

Yes.  The app collects GPS data approximately every second from the shuttle.   

Passengers are instructed to click on the Feedback tab located in the app’s drop-down navigation menu. 

A passenger's ride history is kept indefinitely.

PennTransit Mobile has several new features that enhance your rider experience including improved arrival estimates, the ability to see fixed-route and on-demand options on one screen, integration of bike-sharing and walking options, as well as campus points of interest. The app also offers the ability to save favorite destinations as well as set up alerts for when the vehicles are arriving or are delayed.

The app provides a Trip Planner that shows route options, access to transit vehicles' real-time location, and the ability to see notifications if a vehicle is arriving at your pick-up location or is delayed.

Yes. On the ride request Confirmation page, please indicate the number of passengers who need wheelchair accommodations. Under trip options, there is a sliding bar to be used when wheelchair access is required.  Please activate this so that your request is saved as part of your ride request.

Yes. A digital ‘arrival’ notification is an alert sent to your phone that indicates the driver is near the pick-up location.  


You may bring two guests when riding with Penn Transit.

Cancelations, resubmissions of ride requests, and no-shows impact both the system and transit operations since the app and our routes are set up to prioritize rides by the closest driver. These actions have a pronounced operational impact that negatively impacts your fellow riders by estimating longer pick-up times for everyone. 

Please know that excessive cancelations or no-shows could result in a temporary suspension of your access to on-demand transit via PennTransit Mobile. 

There are several reasons why an error message may appear:

- The pick-up or drop-off location may be outside Penn Transit’s service boundaries;

- The transit service does not operate during the time you requested the ride;

- You may not be eligible to use that specific service;

- You requested a ride for too many guests. An eligible rider may only bring two guests. 

- Fixed-route transit options such as the FMC Shuttles and Penn Buses are not part of the free on-demand shared ride services; or,

- You do not have a valid sign-on credential (i.e. - PennKey, St. Joseph’s University credential).

For information about eligibility options, hours of operation, or areas served by Penn Transit, visit www.upenn.edu/PennTransit.  Please contact 215-898-RIDE/7433 should you still believe you should be able to request a shuttle.


Yes. Passengers can either schedule a ride in advance or request a ride in real time when they are ready to be picked up.

Your email address is necessary to validate your identity as a member of the Penn Community or affiliation with one of the organizations that also are eligible to ride Penn Transit.