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Transit - General FAQs

You may follow the Grocery Shuttle vehicle when in operation on the PennRides en Route option of the PennRides on Request mobile app.  You may also monitor the transit vehicle in real-time at www.upenn.edu/pennrides.

In addition to important COVID-19 ridership requirements, passengers must abide by the following guidelines:

- No guests are permitted.

- To accommodate the needs of all of our passengers, a passenger is limited to only what you can carry.  Bags may not block the aisles, seats, or floor for safety reasons. Bags should fit comfortably in your lap or between your feet without impacting the space of other passengers.  No grocery carts or storage bins are permitted. 

- The bus has the capacity to accommodate 20 seated passengers. The bus will wait no more than five minutes or until it is full. 

Yes. Penn Transit runs its free grocery shuttle service Saturday evenings from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. to provide direct transportation from Penn's Campus to Trader Joe's at 2121 Market Street. Anyone with a valid PennCard may use this service.

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In addition to the display of a valid institutional identification card, all Penn Transit riders will be required to display a valid “green” PennOpen Pass in a manner consistent with the current protocols for building-entry on Penn’s campus and as a means of reducing the risks of COVID-19.

Individuals who are not part of the University’s PennOpen Pass Program must either display their respective Institution’s valid Daily COVID Screening Pass or participate in a driver-conducted screening and offer their verbal attestations. Individuals who cannot show a “green” pass or respond “Yes” to any of the attestation criteria will not be allowed to ride in the vehicle. 

Click here for additional important COVID-19 ridership requirements.

Penn Transit Stops located throughout the University's campus are an integral part of the transit services offered to the Penn community.  All fixed-route or on-demand rides that begin or end on campus start or finish from any of the Transit Stops listed below.  

On-Campus Transit Stops
Exact Location 
Penn Transit Services
Franklin’s Table At 3409 Walnut St. in front of Franklin’s Table, west of 34th St. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles, Pennovation Works Shuttle, Penn FMC Shuttle
David Rittenhouse Laboratories (DRL) At 209 S. 33rd St. between Spruce and Walnut Sts. Wait inside the lobby facing 33rd St. Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles, Pennovation Works
Johnson Pavilion (JP) At the intersection of Guardian and East Service Drives, across from the Claire M. Fagin Building. Wait inside the lobby. Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Quadrangle (Quad) West of the intersection of 37th and Spruce Sts. (“Upper Quad”) at the green post in the Bus Zone. Wait in the archway entrance on the south side of Spruce St. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn AccessibleTransit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Gates Pavilion Southside of Spruce St. between 34th and 36th Sts., (across from Houston Hall) at the pullover area just east of the Gates entrance, at the green Transit signpost. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Pottruck Health & Fitness Center At 3701 Walnut St., west of 37th St. and the western staircase, just before the trees at the curb. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles, Pennovation Works Shuttle, Penn FMC Shuttle
Penn Bookstore 36th & Walnut Sts. Wait outside the main entrance on Walnut Street (not 36th St.). Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, On-Demand Evening Shuttles, Pennovation Works Shuttle, Penn FMC Shuttle
40th and Walnut Streets(Pickup Point only) On 40th St. at the entrance to Fresh Grocer. Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Rosenthal Building S.W. corner of 38th & Spruce Sts., at the SEPTA bus stop green street light lamp post. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Schattner Center At 240 S. 40th St. south of the Schnatter entrance on 40th St., at the green Transit signpost. Penn Bus East, Penn Bus West, Penn Accessible Transit, On-Demand Evening Shuttles
Hill Pavilion 380 S. University Ave. on West Corner of 38th St. and Hamilton Walk. Pennovation Works Shuttle
HUP 33rd Street S.E. corner of 33rd and South Sts., on 33rd St. at the SEPTA bus stop. Pennovation Works Shuttle


All Evening Shuttle on-campus ride requests must travel at least .5 miles (1/2 mile between pick-up and drop-off locations). 

Passengers who ride Penn Evening Shuttles and take trips that originate from campus and end on campus must use Penn Transit Stops as their pick-up and drop-off locations. For riders using the PennRides on Request mobile application, the Transit Stops are conveniently pre-populated in the pick-up and drop-off section of the app and each stop is shown by a red pin on the application's map.

Penn Transit Services' goal is to provide safe, convenient, and reliable service to eligible riders. A fundamental principle is respect for riders as conveyed in the Penn Transit Services Riders Rights and Responsibilities.

 Please click on the link Penn Department Services in the blue bar on the home page, and click on Charter Services.  Locate the charter online reservation form and complete it.  A member of the Penn Transit will contact you to discuss your request and offer you a comprehensive proposal tailored for your event. 

Emergency road service is available for Penn departments that have our Premium Service Option Plan. This includes road service assistance on campus and within the campus footprint weekdays, during the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  

No. Penn Maintenance Services only provides repairs on University-owned vehicles and contracted affiliated schools and centers.


Penn Transit's shuttles and buses can help you travel to, from, and around campus safely and efficiently.  When used with other options throughout University City and with specified service boundaries that extend into Center City, riders can utilize an integrated transit system that is accessible year round. 

Penn Transit offers a wide range of services to the Penn Community, many of which are free of charge.  For instance, faculty, staff and students may access bus, shuttle, and accessible transit services FREE of charge.  Simply show the driver a valid PennCard upon entering a Penn Transit Vehicle. Charter and vehicle maintenance services are available when members of the Penn community can use their 26-digit budget code to reserve these services.

LUCY® (Loop Through University City) service, operated by SEPTA and available for free to PennCard holders is available for daytime transit. Visit www.universitycity.org/lucy.

Penn Transit also operates the Penn Accessible Transit service, the Pennovation Works Shuttle along with a pilot service to the FMC Tower.  


Penn Bus is a fixed route bus service. You can access the Penn Bus by waiting at designated stopping points.

Wait at any Penn Transit Stop on campus for the buses. If you are off campus within the Penn Bus service boundaries, you may wait at certain controlled corners (traffic light or stop sign) along the Penn Bus East or Penn Bus West service route. You will need to signal the driver that you would like to be picked up. Upon returning to campus, the driver will drop you off at their last stop. The buses run on a set schedule during operating times.

Penn Bus East and Penn Bus West operate from 5:00 p.m. until midnight—Monday–Friday, year-round, except on holidays observed by the University.

Penn Bus offers two routes. The Penn Bus East Route services transit stops on campus and then drops off passengers along a designated route that extends into parts of Center City Philadelphia. The Penn Bus West Route services transit stops on campus and then drops off passengers along a designated route in West Philadelphia.

Penn Evening Shuttles offers door-to-door service to and from campus and the surrounding community as defined by specific boundaries. You can submit a ride request for this on-demand service in two ways:

1. Use the free rideshare mobile app, PennRides on Request, that is available for download the App Store and Google Play.  You will need your PennKey and password to log in to the app and submit your ride request.

2. Call 215-898-RIDE/7433 to request a ride.

Your Penn Shuttle should arrive within 20 minutes after you submit your ride via the free rideshare mobile app, PennRides on Request or place your call to 215-898-RIDE/7433. Sometimes heavy traffic, inclement weather, University events, or other circumstances beyond our control may adversely impact scheduled routes. 

Use Idea Web to submit your suggestion or complaint via the internet. Please include as much detail as you are able.  For instance, if you would like to commend a Penn Transit driver, include the time and vehicle number (E-## or T-##) in your correspondence.