FAQs Parking FAQs

Refunds are given for office-approved and proven transactions.

For Payroll Refunds - Parking refunds can be issued for payroll deductions received beyond a cancellation date. All credentials (Hangtags, AVIs, Cardkeys) must be turned in and parking cancelled in order to receive refund consideration. If under extreme circumstances credentials are not able to be hand-delivered, they should be mailed immediately to the Parking Office. You are responsible for any credentials lost through mailing. Refunds will be calculated from a date after cancellation was completed and for any incorrect deductions, e.g. You cancelled parking on 9/25/19 but received an incorrect deduction on 11/15/19.

Please note: Arrears (parking deductions taken while on leave) are only eligible for refund if:

  • 1. Parking was cancelled correctly, as mentioned above.
  • 2. Under extenuating circumstances, parking credentials were mailed for cancellation and parking was not utilized at anytime during the dates you are claiming a refund. One use is still considered use and will forfeit all refund consideration.
  • 3. A letter or email from Supervisor stating the days that you were out of work (necessary for placement back into assigned lot or garage).

No refunds will be given for parking accounts improperly cancelled.