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Using the PennRides app

When an app user repeatedly cancels a ride request in quick succession in the hopes that the rider will receive a shorter estimated pick-up time, the app recognizes this as a need to assign another vehicle to the request.  It is best practice not to cancel a request so that an accurate estimate can be provided to the rider.

In addition to the digital honk, app users who have their mobile device's telephone number in their profile receive text notifications throughout the ride request process.  Text messages are sent in these instances:

- a ride request has been accepted by the driver,

- the driver has arrived at the pick-up location,

- a ride request has been cancelled, and

- a request for a ride has been reinstated. 

Text messages may incur a fee based on the mobile device plan a user has with his or her service provider. 


Passengers using the app have the convenience of either scheduling ahead for a ride or request a ride real time when they are ready to be picked-up.  A minimum of two hours is required to place a scheduling request.  Users may schedule their ride request up to seven days in advance. 

Yes. On the ride request’s Confirmation page, please indicate the number of passengers who need wheelchair accommodations.

You can bring two guests when riding with Penn Transit. 

A “digital” push notification is an alert sent to your phone that indicates the driver is at or near the pick-up location.

Your phone number is needed so we can reach you should your driver or dispatcher require additional information from you to process your request. 

Passengers are instructed to click on the Feedback tab located in the drop-down navigation menu.  Your feedback will be sent to the company who maintains the application.

A passenger's ride history is kept indefinitely.

Follow the beginning ride request steps as show on your screen.  After you have reached the Confirmation page and selected the number of passengers (including yourself and up to two non-PennCard guests), please select #1 next to the wheelchair icon on the screen.  Then complete the remaining steps to submit your ride.  Adhering to these guidelines will automatically select a PAT vehicle and driver to complete your trip. 



All Evening Shuttle on-campus ride request must travel at least .5 miles (1/2 mile between pick-up and drop-off locations). 

There are a several reasons why an error message may appear:

- the pick-up or drop-off location may be outside Penn Transit’s service boundaries;

- you may not be eligible to use the Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) service;

- fixed-route transit routes such as the FMC Shuttles and Penn Buses are not part of this request-a-ride service; 

- the trip was not at least .5 miles (1/2 mile) long;

- the transit service does not operate during the time you requested the ride, or

- you do not have a valid sign-on credential (i.e. - PennKey, University of Sciences credential)

For information about eligibility options, hours of operation, or areas served by Penn Transit, visit www.upenn.edu/PennTransit.  Please contact 215-898-RIDE/7433 should you still believe you should be able to request a shuttle.