FAQs Transit FAQs


If you need to replace your card for any reason, contact Health Equity/WageWorks at 877-924-3967.  You should immediately report a lost /stolen card, or one never received by mail. You may also do so online in the Member Portal from the Card Center menu. The prior commuter card will be immediately frozen, and a replacement card with the transferred balance will be sent out by mail within 7- 10 business days.

Commuter Transit and Parking stored-value commuter cards from Wage Works allow you to carry unused balances from month to month and year to year. As long as you remain eligible in the plan, your balance will be available for use (subject to IRS and/or Plan limits). However, if you find you are carrying balances forward each month, consider adjusting your contribution amount so that you can exhaust your unused account balance. Once the balance on the card reaches $1,500, payroll deductions will cease until the card balances drops below the maximum limit set by the IRS.

At the conclusion of your employment with Penn, the WageWorks card will remain active for 90 days to allow time for the cardholder to spend the unused funds. Remaining balances are forfeit.