FAQs Commuter FAQs

Using Concur

Please contact bikecommuter@upenn.edu so that you can receive a form to file for reimbursement. Follow the instructions listed on the reimbursement form. Your completed claim form will only be accepted between January 1 – February 28 after the completion of the tax year.


Concur is the University’s expense management system.  It has afforded Penn the opportunity to utilize a system, already familiar to many employees across campus, for program participants to claim their bike commuter expense reimbursements.   

You may access the Concur system via the Expense Report tab on the Penn Travel and Expense Management website.  Click on the Concur icon and then provide your PennKey and password to access Concur’s expense management system.

A simple guidebook about Requesting Bike Commuter Reimbursement in Concur is available. This step-by-step instructional manual will direct you through the process of uploading your receipts and submitting your expense report for payment. Screenshots will be provided to lead you through the process.

In the interim, should you have any questions about uploading receipts into Concur, please email doftemsupp@pobox.upenn.edu or bikecommuter@upenn.edu.

In addition to the self-guided instruction manual, information sessions and demos will be provided in the fall. 

The Expense tab is located to the right of the Travel tab at the top of the Concur page.  If the tab is not visible, your Concur expense access has not been set up by your school/center.  Contact the central business office of your school/center to request access.  They are familiar with this Concur process and will complete a special WebADI process to activate the expense tab.  Concur updates from WebADI in an overnight process.  The following day, once your profile has been established in the system, you will see the Expense tab in Concur.