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SPSS - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get an IBM ID?

After you purchase, SPSS go to the IBM website and click 'Customer sign in" on the right and register for an IBM ID as a New Customer.

I have a concurrent license and I get this message when I enter the authorization code: "All authorizations for the provided authorization code(s) have been utilized. No additional authorizations are permitted on this code." What does this mean?

The concurrent authorization code has a maximum number. You cannot exceed that number. Please contact OSL and a new concurrrent code can be generated for you to fix the issue.

Do I need to purchase Amos separately?

No, Amos is now included with SPSS Premium for Windows.

I am a current user of SPSS. How do I update my SPSS authorization code once I have renewed my license?

For Windows Users:

  • From the Windows Start Button choose All Programs and IBM SPSS Statistics Folder.
  • Select the IBM Authorization Wizard.
  • Enter the Authorization Code shown in the email from Software Licensing.

For Macintosh Users:

In the Applications Folder open IBM\SPSS\SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard and then enter the Authorization Code show in the email from Software Licensing.

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