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Microsoft - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the number of 2-core licenses that I need for SQL Server Licensing?

Please see download the SQL Server Licensing Datasheet on Microsoft's website. Scroll down on the page for the link.

How do I figure out the number of cores I need to purchase for Windows Server?

The licensing of Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter editions will shift to be based on physical cores from the prior licensing model based on processors. Core based licensing provides a more consistent licensing metric regardless of where the solution is deployed on-premises or in a cloud. The Windows Server 2016 licensing model for Standard and Datacenter will be Cores + CAL.

To license a physical server, all physical cores must be licensed in the server. A minimum of 8 core licenses is required for each physical processor in the server and a minimum of 16 cores is required to be licensed for servers with one processor. For more information, please refer to the Windows Server 2019 Licensing Datasheet on Microsoft's website.