UPenn Software Licensing

IDL - Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to receive IDL?

This software is licensed by the University of Pennsylvania and is restricted to Institutional use only by Penn faculty and staff, as well as faculty and staff of Penn Medicine, for Penn-related academic use or for Penn-related academic research on a Penn-owned computer.

Are students eligible to purchase IDL?

No, IDL is not available for students.

How do I purchase IDL?

OSL has developed a new Kivuto Licensing Portal that allows for orders to be placed for this and most other software titles, allowing payment via BEN budget code. Please visit the How to Order page for directions.

How do I start using IDL?

After you purchase IDL, instructions on how to download and install the software will be provided on the Kivuto Website. Those instructions are reprinted below for your convenience.

Your IDL Activation Code is shown above.  Please take note of this Activation Code (use copy function or write it down) as you will be asked to provide it when installing the IDL software.  Available versions are Mac, Windows, Linux, Mac Command Line, Windows Server, and Linux server.  Click the green download button below to select your download choice. 

How do I obtain support for IDL?

You may contact IDL support directly at 303-413-3920 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our license number is 95034.