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MATLAB - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download and activate MATLAB?

Please refer to the following documents for Downloading MATLAB and Activating MATLAB.

Why is there an error about a "License Manager" or about a "server license"?

This is because you're using a concurrent license file on a single user-installation or a single user license file on a concurrent-user installation. The license file type must match the software type.

Why is there a message that the license file is not for this computer?

The HostID in the license file is not the one that MATLAB is looking for, so the license file has to be reissued with the correct HostID.

How do I identify my Host ID?

To Locate the Host ID/MAC Address:

  • For Windows: Press Windows Key +R; Type: cmd, click OK; Type: getmac; The Physical Address is the MAC Address.
  • For Macintosh (send in both MAC addresses): Go to the Apple Menu, System Preferences. Click the Network icon. Choose Ethernet on the left and click Advanced. Click the Hardware box and copy the MAC address. Click Cancel. Choose Wi-Fi on the left and click Advanced. Click the Hardware box and copy the MAC address. Click Cancel.

Why am I getting a message about needing an activation key?

Users need to choose "Activate without using the Internet" when prompted for that choice.

I am getting an error 379 at installation. What does this mean?

Users receive this error when attempting to paste the File Installation key into the box for the Activation Key. Users who are prompted for an Activation Key have taken the wrong path. We do not distribute the Activation Key. Please start over using the license file in the Mathworks email to activate MATLAB.

How can I obtain MATLAB support?

MATLAB support can be obtained by contacting Mathworks at 508-647-7000, (press 3 then 4).

Can I just transfer my license to a new computer at any time?

If you need to transfer your valid license to a new computer, send the new Host ID and Operating System along with an explanation of the reason for the transfer to the Office of Software licenses at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..