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SAS - Frequently Asked Questions



Who is eligible to receive SAS?

The SAS Educational Analytic Suite software may be licensed to Penn departments, faculty, and staff as well as faculty and academic staff at HUP for Penn-related academic use or academic research for installation on Penn-owned computers.

Are students eligible to purchase SAS?

Yes, there is a student version of the software that is available here: SAS University Edition.

*PLEASE NOTE: “SAS® OnDemand for Academics is now the primary software choice for learners. SAS University Edition will no longer be available for download after Apr. 30, 2021, and support will end on August 2, 2021. Check out SAS OnDemand for Academics today for free access to SAS for individual learners as well as university educators and students.

How do I purchase SAS?

OSL has developed a new Kivuto Licensing Portal that allows for orders to be placed for this and most other software titles, allowing payment via BEN budget code. Please visit the How to Order page for directions.

What is the difference between Teaching and Research and Administrative use?

Teaching/Research (T&R): Used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and course work primarily related to Penn’s degree requirements.

Administrative: Used for purposes directly related to Penn’s operations as a post-secondary degree granting institution, for institutional research, and for any use related to reporting about the University to the University. A limited number of Admin licenses are available.

How do I start using SAS?

After you purchase SAS, instructions on how to download and install the software will be provided on the Kivuto Website. Those instructions are reprinted below for your convenience:  

By clicking the green download button below, you will be able to download two files needed to complete your order.  One download is the SAS software and the other is a SID file used during the installation process.

Please note, the SAS software file is large and can take several hours to completely download and install.

If you are returning user and wish to continue using your current SAS version, go to the bottom of this page and click the green button to download the "SID only" file and use it reauthorize the use of the software for this year.

If you are a new user or a returning user wishing to do a full installation of the software, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Download the SAS Installation Data "SID only".txt file to your computer.
  2. Download the SAS Software Depot "Full Installation" file to your computer.
  3. Run the Software Depot file to launch the Software Deployment Wizard that will guide you through the installation.
  4. Click the radio button to “Install SAS Software.”
  5. Select Deployment Type “Install SAS Foundation and Related Software.”
  6. Browse to the SID file you saved to your machine.
  7. A SAS Deployment Summary box will appear and installation will begin.
Is there a home-use license available for SAS?

No, SAS cannot be used for non-Penn purposes.

I have received a new SID file for SAS, but I am getting an error that my license has expired. What does this mean?

This error is seen if someone installs SAS but does not also download the SID file from the email and apply it to the installation. To apply the new SID file:

  • Save the new SID file to your computer.
  • Go to start>all programs>SAS>SAS 9.x Utilities>Renew SAS Software.
  • A window will open for you to browse to the saved SID file.
  • Click Renew.

How can I obtain SAS support?

Customers can contact SAS support at 919-677-8008. You will be asked to provide one of the following site number for your particular software:

Teaching and Research Sites:

  • Windows Workstation 32-bit: 70001360
  • Windows Server 32-bit: 70001354
  • Windows X64: 70080524
  • Windows Server 64-bit: 70080523
  • Sun X86-64: 70066026
  • SunSparc: 70001358
  • Linux X86-64: 70055201
  • Solaris for X64: 70066026
  • 64-bit Enabled Solaris: 70001358

Administrative Site:

  • Windows Server X64:70122179
  • Windows Server 64-bit: 70061370
  • Windows Workstation 32-bit: 70061370
  • Linux X86-64: 70080526