UPenn Software Licensing

Ordering OSL Software


To Place a New Order

Click the Order Form link on the left and authenticate with your Pennkey.  Enter your contact information as well as your Business Administrator's (BA) contact information, and include your 26-digit budget code.  

  • Make sure you have entered a valid budget code and that the name of the BA you enter is one who can authorize the purchase.
  • Only one budget number can be used with each order, but multiple products can be requested in the order.

Browse through the Order Form and select products. Some software requires additional information such as HostID or operating system which can be entered on the form.

When ready, click Continue to Order Summary to finalize your order, modify the order if needed, and then click Submit Order for BA Approval. 

Your BA will receive an email to inform of your purchase which will include a link to approve the charge to the budget number on the order.  After approving, your BA will receive a confirmation of the approved order.  

  • After the order is approved, OSL will process the order and you will receive email instructions to pick up the media or download the product from the publisher's site or PennBox. License keys, authorization codes, installation files, will be provided for you to install the software.

Note: The only OSL software that can be purchased by CHOP or Wistar is Matlab or Mathematica, and only for Penn faculty for Penn-related academic purposes. Since they do not have a 26-digit budget code, they should send an email to OSL at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with the requisite customer information and products requested, and OSL will prepare and return an invoice that they can use to generate a check for payment.