UPenn Software Licensing

Ordering OSL Software

Dear OSL Customers:

The Penn Software Licensing Portal has now opened and you will receive an email from the Office of Software Licensing directing you to place your orders for FY24 to help with the renewal process.

To Place a New Order or Renew an Existing Order

The following is a high-level description of the order process within Penn's Software Licensing Portal, paying particular attention to differences from the current order process.  

Click the Order Software link on the left and authenticate with your PennKey to Kivuto.

From the Welcome Screen you can click on the Start Shopping button or on Volume Licensing in the menu bar (under Search) to see products available through OSL.

Click on a product to see license options available for that product. You can navigate to different product pages and add and remove products from your shopping cart just as you would on any eCommerce site.

When you are ready to check out, you have the option to place the order for yourself or as a Proxy order on behalf of someone else. Note that when you place a Proxy order the software and license documents will be sent to whoever you designate – they will not be sent to you. If you are ordering software that you will install for someone else choose “order for myself” and use the comment field later in the order process to note who will be using the software.

You will then be asked to read and accept any license usage terms and conditions.

Next, enter the PennKey Username of your BA, as they will need to approve the order.

If the order is for UPHS, you will also enter the Lawson number on this page.

Next, you can enter Comments. Comments are often used to provide information to the BA, such as who the software is for or what grant number should be charged.

On the next page you can update your contact information and enter the 26-digit Penn budget code that will be charged for the order. Be sure to enter a valid budget code.

Some software requires additional information such as HostID or operating system, and if needed you will be prompted for that information.

Finally, you will be presented with an Order Summary screen for final review, and when you click on the “Proceed with Order” button at the bottom the order will be placed, you will receive an order confirmation email, and an approval email will be sent to your BA.

Orders placed through the licensing portal will be routed to an approval application, and BAs will receive emails directing them to approve or reject the orders.  Once orders are approved by the BA the Office of Software Licensing will proceed with the steps needed to approve and fulfill the order.

Note that
Lucidchart, FileMaker, Ghost, and Uniprint are now offered for direct sale by SHI. They are accessible from the Penn Software Licensing Portal via a link to the Penn Marketplace, where orders can be placed through SHI’s punch out site by clicking on the SHI tile in the Supplier Showcase. Purchases through SHI follow the standard order and approval processes supported by BEN and the Penn Marketplace.

Note: The only OSL software that can be purchased by CHOP or Wistar is MATLAB or Mathematica, and only for Penn faculty for Penn-related academic purposes. Since
CHOP and Wistar do not use a 26-digit budget code for purchasing, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the requisite customer information and products requested. OSL will prepare and return an invoice that can be used to generate a check for payment.