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Utility Resources

Understanding your utility options can save you money.

As a tenant, you may be responsible for making the necessary arrangements to receive utility services. Leases vary as to which utilities are included in the rent. When renting an apartment, water and sewer services are almost always the responsibility of the landlord and heat (using gas, electricity or oil) may sometimes be included in rent. Set up your own accounts at the beginning of the lease and make sure you close the accounts at the end of the lease. If you do not, you will continue to be liable for utilities in your name even after you have moved out of the premises. 


PECO is the most common electricity supplier in the Philadelelphia region. You can request online or by phone. If applying online you should complete the application at least five days prior to the date you want service.  PECO 1-800-494-4000

Pennsylvania deregulated energy resources several years ago. PECO continues to be the main supplier in the area, but you should know there are several energy companies you can choose from.  Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission  

Natural Gas

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) 

You can apply for service in person, online or on the phone 215-235-5100

To turn on utility services you may be asked for: a copy of your rental agreement, two forms of identification, a social security card or passport.


You may want to check with your landlord to see if these services are included in your rental agreement. If not included, ask your landlord if there is a preferred vendor for their building.

Living Green

There are many ways to implement green initiatives within your apartment. It's important to consult your landlord before making any changes to your apartment that could impact the physical structure.

Below are a few simple and cost-effective initiatives you can take to create a  green-living experience.

Energy Efficiency

If your heater/air-conditioner has filters, check that they are not clogged. Most landlords can give you instructions on how to clean or replace a filter and may do that for you. Depending on the system, most filters should be cleaned or changed at a minimum of three times per year.

Check windows for air leakage and insulation.

Make sure the basement and the attic( if you live in a house) are insulated.

Use your appliances efficiently

If the landlord is responsible for providing light bulbs to the unit, suggest that the landlord use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CCFL). They may cost more to purchase, but use only one-fourth the energy and last up to ten times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

Water Conservation

Report any running water or leaking faucets to your landlord.

Turn water off when you brush your teeth or when you shave.

Do full loads of laundry and dishes.

Take a shorter shower: an average five-minute shower uses approximately 20 gallons of water, approximately 40 gallons are used in ten minutes.


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