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Safety Initiatives

Penn has several initiatives to support your safety.

Penn is dedicated to making sure its students feel safe and secure both on- and off-campus. Several offices have developed programs and initiatives to help students protect themselves and make informed decisions about their safety. 

Penn's Division of Public Safety

Penn's Division of Public Safety (DPS) maintains a positive and collaborative working relationship with the many safety, security and law enforcement agencies which benefit the overall safety of Penn and the University City Community. DPS offers a number of safety support structures that both on- and off-campus students can utilize. 

Walking Escort

If you happen to be on-campus during late night hours and don’t feel comfortable walking home alone, you can utilize the Walking Escort Service within the Penn Patrol Zone. Contact any Public Safety Officer, use one of the blue-light phones on campus or call 215-898-9255 to request an escort to your apartment.  Visit Penn's Interactive Transportation Map and click on Walking Escort.


Penn Transit's integrated transit system provides effective, efficient, and safe integrated transit on and around campus within specific service boundaries that include West Philadelphia and East Center City. Transit Services are free of charge to all Penn community members holding a valid PennCard.  Penn Bus East and West offer fixed route transport. Penn Shuttles offer on-demand transportation. Both services operate seven days a week during the evening hours (except University holidays).  For a full list of available campus transportation options visit Penn's Transportation website.

University City District

University City District is a partnership of world-renowned anchor institutions, small businesses, and residents that creates opportunity improves economic vitality and quality of life in the University City neighborhood of West Philadelphia. This organization strives to invest in world-class public spaces, address crime and public safety, bring life to commercial corridors, connect low-income residents to careers and promote job growth and innovation.

Public Safety Ambassadors

One of the main focuses of the University City District is to promote safety and decrease crime in the neighborhood. Public Safety Ambassadors are available as walking escorts 24 hours a day, seven days a week in partnership with Penn. Where the Division of Public Safety’s boundaries end, the University District’s begins.

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