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International Students

Penn has resources for international students

The University of Pennsylvania is home to over 4,800 international students. Our students represent at least fifty countries. There are many resources and services available to our international students. The most comprehensive resource is International and Student Scholar Services. At this office, you can find assistance on many topics including; preparing to attend Penn, immigration questions, travel questions, orientation, and financial questions.

Other services include, but are not limited to Learning Resource Centers, Computing Resources, Tutoring Center, and cultural resources. In addition, there are student organizations you can join. One organization is AIS, The Assembly for International Students, but there are many more student organizations. Student Organizations and Clubs

New student check-in and International Student Orientation (ISO) events are for all incoming F-1 or J-1 international students; including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, exchange and transfer students as well as those returning from leave.

Mandatory New Student Check-In Requirements


When looking for housing, your international status does not prevent you from renting housing in the City of Philadelphia. However, landlords may require an additional deposit for your move-in. You will need to show identification when applying for housing. You also should only make payments in check, money order or credit card. Never pay in cash and before sending any funds to a landlord, check to be sure they have possession of the rental space they are offering. 

There are some places that offer furnished apartments, but you can rent furniture and there are some low-cost furniture stores to purchase furniture.

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