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Moving In

The key to success is planning!

Moving: Like it or not- moving is hard work!  Preparing and planning can be very helpful.

Before You Move-In

  • Know the dates and times you are able to move-in. Many landlords only have certain hours you can move-in.
  • If you are moving to an elevator building, check to be sure you have time reserved.
  • Ask about parking regulations.
  • Gather boxes  or plastic containers to pack
  • Ask for help from family and friends and give them the information for move-in day
  • If you are bringing a pet,  you might want to hire a pet-sitter for the day. There is a lot of opening doors and activity. You don't want your pet to run away or get lost in the shuffle.
  • Start to pack at least one week before you move
  • Check that the utilities are on before you move-in


  • Label and number your boxes. You will know what is in the boxes and know right away if a box is missing
  • Don't make the boxes too heavy
  • Pack a box with easily accessible items that you might need that day and keep it close to you. Items such as soap, paper towel, toilet paper, snacks, and drinks
  • Pack your cleaning supplies in one box, keep it accessible. Although your landlord should have cleaned before you move in, you may still want to wipe down surfaces.

Moving Day

  • Have a system in place. If you have help, assign everyone a task. Assigning tasks helps everyone know what they are doing. People are able to keep moving without having to ask you what to do
  • Plan on breaks-you really do need them
  • You might not finish everything in one day. Focus on getting all of your items into your new home. 
  • When you start to unpack, focus on the most important things first: your bedroom, bathroom, and clothes.
  • Wipe down the doorknobs and surfaces; they may have been several people working to get your new home ready. No one wants to start out with a cold.


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