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Understanding the local rental market calendar.

Graduate Students:

  • The graduate student timeline differs slightly due to the fact that some graduate academic programs start in mid-summer.
  • Most properties with a lease start date in the fall are normally posted around 60-90 days in advance, but new graduate students start gathering off-campus housing information as early as  mid-spring semester.
  • Some landlords will offer flexible lease dates, but you need to check with your landlord before signing your lease.
  • Housing will be available up to August, there just may be fewer choices.

Undergraduate Students:

  • In November or December, landlords begin to advertise for the following year. Private houses with multiple bedrooms are typically the first type of off-campus housing to rent. Many times, these larger homes are passed along from one student group to another.
  • You do not have to sign a lease in October or November to ensure housing for the next year.
  • The majority of students begin their search in March.
  • Lease dates vary from landlord to landlord. Leases can begin from June through August
  • Housing will be available up to  August, there just may be fewer choices.


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