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Helpful information for community residents

Penn Transit introduces a new app to make using Late-night Shuttles easier!

Penn Transit has introduced a new application, PennRide on Request,  that allows you to request the University’s on-demand evening shuttle services from your mobile device.  Riders will experience the same evening shuttle transit service as they currently enjoy with Penn Transit’s on-demand shuttles.  But the new app allows riders to:

  • Monitor and track current ride status in real-time;
  • Receive an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA);
  • Schedule a ride at least two hours in advance at a minimum and up to seven days in advance; and,
  • Receive a digital ‘honk’ notification that lets them know a driver has arrived.

Other benefits derived from this new functionality include:

  • The ability to toggle to PennRides en Route, Penn Transit’s fixed-route live map service so that riders can choose the mode of transportation that is most appropriate for their travels;
  • The convenience of traveling by shuttle anywhere within the designated service boundaries without having to transfer;
  • A reduction of wait time for your ride;
  • Riders no longer have to transfer on campus to travel from West to East within the service boundaries; and,
  • The introduction of additional convenient pick-up and drop-off points on campus.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play, the app is free and members of the Penn Community with valid PennKeys and PennCards are eligible for PennRides on Request.  You will be asked to input your PennKey and password in order to request a ride via the app.  University of Sciences passengers will be prompted to enter their own sign-in credentials. 

 Additional information about Penn Transit  is available at on the Parking and Transportation website.