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How do I stay safe when living off campus?

These resources will help you maintain your safety

Penn is dedicated to making sure its students feel safe and secure both on- and off-campus. Several offices have developed programs and initiatives to help students protect themselves and make informed decisions about their safety.  

Penn's Division of Public Safety

Penn's Division of Public Safety (DPS) maintains a positive and collaborative working relationship with the many safety, security and law enforcement agencies which benefit the overall safety of Penn and the University City Community. DPS offers a number of safety support structures that both on- and off-campus students can utilize. 

Penn Guardian

Penn Guardian is a service that allows you to rapidly provide information about yourself to the Division of Public Safety during an emergency. By building a personal profile, information about you can be immediately accessed by PennComm dispatchers should you call Public Safety from a registered cellphone. Penn Guardian can also provide police with GPS coordinates from your phone, which can decrease response time and allow first responders to locate you should you not be able to give them your location.

Penn Alert

The UPennAlert Emergency Notification System enables the University to quickly notify the Penn and surrounding Philadelphia community of critical information during a major emergency. 

Property Registration

Penn students, faculty and staff can register their bicycles, electronic equipment and other valuables, as well as purchase a U-Lock, online with the University of Pennsylvania Police Department. By registering your property, you will increase the chances of recovery should your property ever be lost or stolen. You will also receive a registration sticker which will help to serve as a visual deterrent.

Penn Transit

Penn Transit's integrated transit system provides effective, efficient, and safe integrated transit on and around campus within specific service boundaries that include West Philadelphia and East Center City. Transit Services are free of charge to all Penn community members holding a valid PennCard.  Penn Bus East and West offer fixed route transport. Penn Shuttles offer on-demand transportation. Both services operate seven days a week during the evening hours (except University holidays).  For a full list of available campus transportation options visit Penn's Transportation website.

University City District

Residents of West Philadelphia can take advantage of safety services offered through the University City District (UCD) such as Safety Ambassadors. 

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