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Important Notice Regarding TY0217 Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursements

Effective January 1, 2018, tax regulations for the Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program have changed. Under the old law, qualified bicycle commuter reimbursements were excludable from an employee’s gross income (i.e.- treated as tax-exempt).  The new law has repealed this provision and TY2017 reimbursements will be considered taxable income. 

To comply with these changes, bicycle commuting reimbursements issued by Penn and are based on 2017 Tax Year eligible expenses are now subject to wage-withholding taxes on those reimbursements made in the first quarter of 2018.  The reimbursements will continue to be made via CONCUR through March month-end; however, the imputed income will be assessed to each individual during the last payroll cycle in March.


Campus Recognized as Bike Phriendly

The University of Pennsylvania was honored by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as a recipient of 2017 Bike-Phriendly Business Award for modeling excellence in providing bike-supportive employee amenities, facilities, encouragement, and office culture.  Chloe Cerwinka, Chair of the University’s Bike Committee; Penn Police Officer David Dager; and Michael Randolph of Penn Transit accepted the award on Penn’s behalf.

Penn Receives 2017 Clean Air Commute Employer of the Year Award

Penn has been recognized by Philadelphia's Clean Air Council as the 2017 Clean Air Commute Employer of the Year.  Faculty and staff have a broad range of options to help them go the extra mile for sustainable commuting.

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