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Parking for Penn Relays 2018

Please expect major traffic delays throughout University City as we welcome the 124th year of The Penn Relays to campus. The three-day event is from Thursday-Saturday, April 26-28. Parking will be available throughout campus at $25, however, excess parking capacities normally found in our facilities will not be available. Please visit for detailed information.

Number One In Transportation

Penn has been named by U.S. News & World Report as the country's most transportation-friendly college campus. Read more.

Campus Recognized as Bike Phriendly

The University of Pennsylvania was honored by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as a recipient of 2017 Bike-Phriendly Business Award for modeling excellence in providing bike-supportive employee amenities, facilities, encouragement, and office culture.  Chloe Cerwinka, Chair of the University’s Bike Committee; Penn Police Officer David Dager; and Michael Randolph of Penn Transit accepted the award on Penn’s behalf.

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