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Bike Sharing Stations on Campus


Enforcement and Safety

Resources for Cyclists


Bike Commuting Reimbursement Program

There is a new program on campus that supports Penn's bike commuters. The Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program will provide up to $240 annually for any out-of-pocket eligible expense to qualified faculty and staff.  Unlike a flexible spending account, reimbursement comes directly from the University and is not set aside from pre-tax pay by the individual program participant. Read More

Bike Sharing Stations on Campus

The Penn Community can take advantage of the City of Philadelphia's integrated bike share system, Indego.  This program features over 600 self-service bicycles and 70 bike share stations throughout Philadelphia.  Three stations are located on campus: at 40th and Spruce, near the University City Station Regional Rail Station, and 36th and Sansom. For more information about Indego, station locations throughout the City, membership registration or a map of the city-wide docking stations, visit Philadelphia's bike share program website at


All Pennsylvania State and City of Philadelphia biking laws apply on campus and throughout the City of Philadelphia.  In addition, there are some specific bicycle policies that help ensure a safe campus

University of Pennsylvania Bicycle Policy

Please note that bicycles must be walked on campus pedestrian pathways between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday – Friday.  Signs, as pictured, are posted in areas where this policy applies. Bicycles must be walked at all times, over the Class of 1949 (Locust Walk over 38th St.) Bridge and the 3 pedestrian bridges accessing Penn Park.

When possible, it is best to use designated bicycle lanes.  Please see links below for maps:

Please note that it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk if you are over the age of 12.


Enforcement and Safety

Penn’s Division of Public Safety provides:

To register your bike Click here and select “My Property Registration.”

Click here to report your bike stolen or missing.

Additional bike safety information can be found:

Pennsylvania State Bicycle Manual

Federal Highway Administration

Bike parking is available throughout campus including covered bike parking in two Penn Parking Garages: Garage 40 at the Fresh Grocer at the N.W. corner of 40th and Walnut Streets; and Garage 37 at the N.E. corner of 34th & Chestnut Streets. To see a complete map of bike parking on campus, click here.

To see the Map of Philadelphia bike paths, click here.

Resources for Cyclists

Penn and the City of Philadelphia have a number of resources for cyclists.

Bike Repair Stations: There are two repair stations available for use by the Penn community.  The stations include all of the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. Hanging your bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.  The stations are located by the Chemistry and Pottruck bicycle parking corrals.


Campus Health is proud to present PSIP's bike helmet reimbursement policy! For up to $25 dollars, PSIP will reimburse helmet purchases. Students need only to fill out 1-28 on this form and submit bike helmet purchase receipts/claim forms to the address on the back of their insurance card.


Campus Bike Map - Click here for a comprehensive map of bike stations/bike lanes/bike repair station locations on Penn's campus.

The following organizations provide or promote training, maintenance and safety classes for new and experienced bikers:

University Bike Collective

Neighborhood Bike Works

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

No bike, no problem! PennCycle is a student-run bike rental organization on campus.  Students, faculty and staff can sign up for a monthly membership and get a bike only when need you it.

Neighborhood Resources

The University Bike Collective was established in 2013 to represent bicyclists on campus and promote bike reform in University City.  The group disseminates news on national and Philadelphia biking issues and highlights special events, trainings, classes and meetings


Looking to purchase a new bike or just get a tune up?

Below is a list of bike shops within a 5-mile radius of campus:


Bicycle Therapy

Neighborhood Bike Works

Keswick Cycle

Breakaway Bikes

Philadelphia Bikesmith

Wolf Cycle

Firehouse Bicycles

Fairmount Bicycles

Kater Street Bicycle

Doctor Cycles

Via Bicycle

Frankenstein Bike Worx

Kayuh Bicycles

Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles

Brewerytown Bicycles

Bicycle Revolutions

Bell’s Bike Shop


Swaray’s Bike Shop

Color Wheel Bike Studio

Community Bikes and Boards

Mike’s Bikes

Liberty Bell Bicycle

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Elite Bicycles

The Bikery

City Sports