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From the Stata website:  Stata is a complete, integrated software package that provides all your data science needs—data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and reproducible reporting.

Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Pennsylvania.

License Year:

Perpetual and annual licenses are available from Stata at academic prices.


Windows, Mac, Linux


OSL participates in the Stata Campus GradPlan. Stata software must be purchased directly from the company's website using the links below, or by calling 800-782-8272:

Student Pricing:
New orders: https://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/student-pricing/
Renewals: https://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/student-pricing/renewal/

Stata Campus GradPlan (Faculty/Staff):
New orders:https://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/campus-gradplan/
Renewals: https://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/campus-gradplan/renewal/


GradPlan licenses are single-user licenses with PDF documentation that are available to faculty and staff at participating institutions. Licenses are perpetual or annual. Perpetual licenses do not expire and may be upgraded to a different flavor of Stata at a reduced price. Annual licenses expire one year from the date of purchase. Although they may be upgraded to a higher flavor, the expiration date remains the same as the original purchase.

License Key:

Accompanies the individual order.


Stata Resources and Support
Contacting Stata Technical Services


All documentation is included in PDF format with Stata installation. New Users may want to review the Quick Starts on Stata's website.

Additional Information: