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Penn's Information Systems and Computing division (ISC) maintains Penn's licenses with Internet2 to distribute InCommon Certificate Service throughout the University.  OSL controls access to the InCommon Certificate site and organizes the process by identifying who is requesting the cert, approving the requests, and tracking expiration dates.  In some cases, special domain validation is needed which OSL coordinates.

InCommon offers SSL/TLS, extended validation (EV), client (personal), code signing, IGTF server, and ECC (Elliptical Curve Cryptography) certificates for all of your domains. All of the domains you own or control (.edu, .net, .org, .com, and others) are covered.

Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

Licensed to the University of Pennsylvania.  The typical purchaser is the system administrator of the server that requires the certificate. InCommon certs are restricted to University-owned domains. 

License Year:

One year.


All platforms supported.


After the order is received, OSL provides the user with access to their section of the InCommon site, where the user pastes in their CSR and requests the certificate. Once it is approved by the Office of Software Licensing, they will receive a link to their certificate by email.


Certificates available are SSL, Intranet SSL, Wildcard SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, UCC Cert, EV Certificate. Code signing certificates are available after review - please contact us.

License Key:

 After a request is approved by the Office of Software Licensing, the user will receive a link to their certificate by email.


InCommon support is available at 888-256-2608.


 More information about the InCommon Certificate Service is outlined here.

Additional Information:

 The InCommon Cert Service FAQ.