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The SAS system is a powerful software package, which serves as an excellent tool for data management and statistical analysis. It is capable of generating presentation-quality graphics through the SAS/Graph component. SAS is an integrated system of software solutions that enables users to perform:

    Data entry, retrieval, and management
    Report writing and graphics design
    Statistical and mathematical analysis
    Business forecasting and decision support
    Operations research and project management
    Applications development

Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

The SAS Educational Analytic Suite software may be licensed to Penn departments, faculty, and staff as well as faculty and academic staff at HUP for Penn-related academic use or academic research for installation on Penn-owned computers. 

License Year:

August 1 - July 31


For Departmental Use:

Windows (desktop)
Linux (desktop)
Windows Server (network)
Linux (network)
Solaris Sparc and X64 (network)

For Individual/Home Use - Windows


Users pay an annual right-to-use licensing fee that is renewed each Julu. Mid-year upgrades to later versions are included at no additional cost



Teaching/Research (T&R): Used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and course work primarily related to Penn’s degree requirements.

Administrative: Used for purposes directly related to Penn’s operations as a post-secondary degree granting institution, for institutional research, and for any use related to reporting about the University to the University. A limited number of Admin licenses are available.

License Key:

SID File is distributed from OSL.


SAS Technical Support, 919-677-8008. Refer to Penn's site number, according to your license type from the list below:

Teaching and Research Site:

Windows Workstation 32-bit: 70001360
Windows Server 32-bit: 70001354
Windows X64: 70080524
Windows Server 64-bit: 70080523
Sun X86-64: 70066026
SunSparc: 70001358
Linux X86-64: 70055201
Solaris for X64: 70066026
64-bit Enabled Solaris: 70001358

Administrative Site:

Windows Server X64:70122179
Windows Server 64-bit: 70061370
Windows Workstation 32-bit: 70061370
Linux X86-64: 70080526


SAS Product Documentation

Additional Information:

Due to license restrictions, this product is not available to Wistar or CHOP departments.