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FastX is a simple and affordable X Windows terminal emulator. FastX allows you to work at top speed, whether you are connecting over the local area network or from a VPN. Even the most graphics-rich design engineering applications like Cadence Virtuoso display as if you are working on the local console.

With FastX, no client installation is needed. Unlike any other X Windows emulator, FastX lets you connect to your remote Linux desktop and applications through the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc). Use your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other device with a browser. Design engineering applications like Cadence Virtuoso display as if you are working on the local console.


Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

This software is licensed by the University of Pennsylvania and is restricted to Institutional use only by Penn faculty and staff, as well as faculty and staff of Penn Medicine, for Penn-related academic or administrative use or for Penn-related academic research.

The license covers all on campus use and off-campus use by faculty and staff, (including contractors providing services to the University and fellow researchers from other universities working on Penn research projects).

Non-University entities may not install FastX on their own servers for their own non-University purposes.

License Year:

December 16, 2021-December 15, 2022



Distribution: Purchasers will receive a license key that may be installed on multiple servers or clusters, and as many licenses as are needed may be assigned to each licensed server.

Purchasers are responsible for complying with these restrictions as well as the terms of any Publisher's End User License Agreement presented at time of download and/or installation.


Support is handled through StarNet’s Maintenance and Support Program. A case can be created here.

Documentation  Documentation can be found on the StarNet Knowledge Base website.