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Absolute empowers educational institutions to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats.  Absolute Resilience allows an admin to specify certain applications that must always be installed on the endpoint. Absolute takes steps to either repair the application if it is not running properly, or to automatically reinstall the application if it has been removed from the endpoint. Absolute is controlled using policies that can be configured for different groups of endpoints in the organization. Absolute enables you to mitigate risk and strengthen your compliance posture.


Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

Departments, faculty, and staff of the University of Pennsylvania and HUP

License Year:

Licenses may be purchased for 1,2,3,4, or 5 year terms, beginning from the date of purchase


Windows, Macintosh

Distribution: Order directly through the SHI punchout site in the BEN Marketplace.




Documentation  https://community.absolute.com/s/topic/0TO36000000HCR2GAO/knowledgebase or


Additional Info.

General information can be found via the Absolute website at www.absolute.com.