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Wolfram Community Insider (April 13, 2020)

Mathematica 12.1 Has Been Released - Please see important guidance below (March 19, 2020)

Wolfram has released Mathematica 12.1. The Office of Software Licensing has learned that there are a few bugs that will be fixed in version We re therefore advising users to wait for the next release.  For more information about Mathematica 12.1, please see the message from Wolfram below and the  Quick Revision History:

"Version 12.1 is our biggest point release so far, expanding Mathematica and the Wolfram Language's functionality in mathematical visualization, audio and image processing, machine learning and neural networks, data access/storage, and more, as well as introducing new systems for video processing and paclet management."

Mathematica COVID-19 Resources (March 17, 2020)

Mathematica | Online Is Available to You for Free

Wolfram is currently granting access to Mathematica | Online to all faculty, staff, and students until August 15. All Mathematica users will be able to access Mathematica in the cloud from any internet-enabled device. Please see the Mathematica FAQ for more information.

As in the past, University of Pennsylvania's license includes a free personal-use license with the purchase of Mathematica | Desktop. Any faculty and staff who wish to work on projects remotely from home can request free personal-use licenses through this form.

Wolfram Insights & Innovations is out now! (March 9, 2020)

Did you miss the Wolfram Technology in Action: Data Science Webinar Series? (February 2020)

You can stream all of the sessions here! From Wolfram, "Learn about a range of data science applications in the Wolfram Language in a free three-part web series. Webinar sessions feature recorded talks from the 2019 Wolfram Technology Conference, along with live presentations by Wolfram staff scientists, application developers, software engineers and Wolfram Language users who apply the technology every day to their business operations and research. Newcomers to Wolfram technology are welcome, as are longtime users wanting to see the latest functionality in the language."

Check out the forth-quarter issue of Wolfram Community Insider for tutorials and examples of Mathematica software in action. (October 2019)

Version 12 is here! Current users are eligible for a free upgrade. For an introduction to some of the new features in version 12, you can watch an archived Live Demonstration and Q&A with Stephan Wolfram or visit the Wolfram Blog for more information. For a summary of key new features, please see the Wolfram Documentation Center. (4/16/2019)