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The Burrison Gallery at the University Club at Penn supports the vision of Maurice Burrison by providing an intimate space for artists from the University community and West Philadelphia to showcase their work. Exhibits are scheduled approximately seven times throughout the year.

The Gallery, located in the University Club at Penn on the 2nd floor of The Inn at Penn, 3611 Walnut Street, is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 10a.m.

If you are an artist and are interested in displaying your work, all questions and requests can be directed to burrisongallery@gmail.com

The gallery is funded solely by commissions on sales and donations from individuals. If you have a love for the arts, and would like to support the initiatives of the Burrison Gallery, we encourage you to make a donation. We appreciate your contribution and hope to foster more relationships with individuals who, like us, have an appreciation for the arts and culture.