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  1. Club Rules and any additions thereto are established and may be revised and approved by the Board of Governors of the University Club at Penn.
  2. Club Rules apply to all Club members and their guests. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Infractions of Club Rules will subject an individual’s membership to review by the Board of Governors.
  3. The University Club at Penn is open Monday through Friday, except on recognized University holidays and closings designated by the Board of Governors. Daily hours of operations, currently 7:30am to 9:30am for complimentary morning refreshments for members only, and lunch from 11:30am to 2:00pm. The facilities, food and beverage service of the Club are provided for the use and enjoyment of members and their guests during designated hours of operation.
  4. The Coordinating Liaison for Penn Hospitality Services and employees of the Inn at Penn are charged with operating and maintaining the facilities and providing high quality food, beverage, and other services in accordance with these rules and in keeping with purposes of the Club as stated in Article II (Purpose) of the Bylaws.
  5. Members must present their membership cards or provide their membership number to the cashier at the entrance to the Harrison Room.
  6. Members wishing to reserve the Lenape Room for breakfast, luncheons or dinner, or the Hourglass rooms for dinner and other functions must make arrangements through the Coordinating Liaison for Penn Hospitality Services.
    1. The Club management is authorized by the Board of Governors to require reasonable advance deposits and minimum guarantees of the number of people to be served at least three working days prior to the event. Reductions or cancellations cannot be accepted after that deadline without forfeit of the deposit.
    2. Reservations will be accommodated in order of the receipt and within the capability of the Club management.
    3. Club dining rooms may be reserved for meetings which do not involve food service; however, since the primary purpose of the dining rooms is the serving of food, dining functions will receive preference in scheduling.
    4. anceling a reservation for the Lenape room must be made 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel within 48 hours, or a no-show, will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee.
    5. .Members may schedule private functions for times when the Club normally would not be open by making special arrangements with the Coordinating Liaison for Penn Hospitality Services.
  7. To extent that Club facilities are available and not fully utilized by the membership, then meetings, conferences and social functions may be arranged for other entities approved by the Board of Governors.
  8. To assure that the use of the Club’s facilities does not adversely affect the membership as a whole, the Board of Governors may, from time to time, adopt regulations regarding the groups and kinds of functions which will be accommodated.
  9. Members and guests are expected to show regard for the protection of Club property and for the comfort and convenience of their fellow members. Damage to the Club property or its loss will be assessed by the Board of Governors to the responsible member or members.
  10. All food and beverages consumed in the Club must be furnished by the Club/Inn at Penn. Food and beverages not consumed at the Club may not be taken from the Club, except for Take-Out lunch.
  11. All food, drinks, supplies or services furnished by the Club must be recorded on a member’s department account or individual Club account. Cash or credit card may be used to make payment.
  12. Gambling is not permitted in the Club.
  13. Bills rendered by the Inn at Penn for House charges are due payable in full upon receipt. Charges not paid within 30 days of the billing date aresubject to a monthly service charge. The Coordinating Liaison for Penn Hospitality Services will contact the member to request payment. If a member’s account with charges is unpaid for 60 days, the member’s charging privilege will be suspended until such time as the account is made current or determined delinquent and placed in the hands of an outside collection agency.
  14. A service charge is automatically added to the bills of the Club members for food and beverage in the Hourglass and Living rooms. Members of the Club are prohibited from giving additional gratuities in any form or under any pretense to Club or Inn at Penn employees providing service in the Hourglass, Harrison, or Living rooms.