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Irvine Auditorium

The magnificently restored Irvine Auditorium, built in 1929, is truly Penn's most impressive auditorium space. This architectural triumph was designed by the distinguished Philadelphia architect, Julian Abele of Horace Trumbauer, the first African-American graduate of Penn's School of Architecture. The Great Hall of Irvine seats 1,260 and accommodates music, dance, film screenings, and state-of-the-art presentations. Irvine Auditorium, rich in architectural detail and decoration, is home to the 11,000-pipe Curtis Pipe Organ, a catering facility in Café'58, as well as a variety of multi-purpose meeting and function rooms.

The Main Hall, a breathtaking space, restored to its original splendor by a multi-million dollar renovation. The interior walls of the 1260-seat main hall are ornamented with decorative symbols depicting Penn's philosophical history. Irvine Auditorium's magnificent 11,000- pipe Curtis Organ is housed here. The entire facility is air-conditioned and features state-of-the-art technology. With seating for 846, the orchestra level is ideal for any large event. Add the use of Balconies 1 and 2 to gain Irvine Auditorium's full theater capacity.
Full Capacity: 1,260
Orchestra: 846;Mezzanine: 214;Balcony: 200
Set-up: Fixed auditorium seating
Features: 24 handicapped seats; restored Curtis Organ; premiere house sound system, frequency-modulated hearing assistance system, digital satellite projector, xenon slide projector, Internet access, house intercom system Stage Size: 41' x 45.5', 1,670 sq. ft.

Amado Recital Hall just off the Main Hall, functions primarily as rehearsal and performance space for the University's Department of Music. However, the space can be reserved by other organizations for special events. Decorated with handsome, hand-painted Scottish imperial lion and thistle symbols, the 122-seat Recital Hall is a carpeted multipurpose space with wood flooring at the front that serves as a stage or presentation area.
Capacity: 122 theater style and reception, 42 hollow square, 60 classroom, 70 rounds
Set-up: Portable seating
Features: Piano (Yamaha C3), sound system, movie screen, blackout and solar shades
Size: 36' x 48' or 1,454 sq. ft.

Green Room is a flexible space, suitable for many types of events, including meetings, workshops, presentations, and receptions. The built-in kitchenette at one end, makes the room an ideal location for receptions. Located on the ground floor, the Green Room is convenient for pre-and post-performance special events.
Capacity: 32 rounds, classroom and conference, 50 reception and theater
Set-up: Portable seating
Features: Typically, the room is furnished with 2 couches, 2 overstuffed chairs, 6 tables and chairs, microwave and refrigerator
Size: 34' x 21' or 655 sq. ft.

Alpert Meeting Room and G-7 Identical, spacious rooms with an understated, professional ambiance. Both are located on the ground floor of Irvine Auditorium, just down the hall from the Green Room, making them perfect choices for workshops, breakout sessions, and discussions.
Capacity: 24 conference, 50 reception, theater and rounds, 30 hollow square, 40 classroom
Set-up: Portable seating
Features: message center, movie screen, A/V cart technology
Size: 27' x 19.5 or 640 sq. ft.

The Emily Sachs Dance Gallery provides a well-equipped space for small performances as well as informal meetings. Draw the curtains over the mirrors to create a backdrop for performances or a business-like setting. Located on the fourth floor of Irvine Auditorium, the Gallery is easily accessible, yet situated away from high-traffic areas.
Capacity: 80 reception and theater, 40 classroom, 24 conference
Set-up: Portable seating
Features: high-quality sound system, A/V cart technology
Size: 42' x 28' or 1,192 sq. ft.

Café '58 and Main Lobby Spaces are perfect for a catered reception, offering everything you need on site. A replica of the original fire curtain from the Main Hall adorns the front. Marble top pedestal tables and café chairs are arranged informally. Matching wooden serving counters attractively partition the room for food and beverage service.
Capacity: 80 rounds of four, 122 reception
Set-up: Semi-portable
Features: Service kitchen, buffet station
Size: 36' x 48.5', 1,456 sq. ft.