UPenn Hospitality Services - Dining, Conference Services, Summer Housing

Resources for Planners

As an Ivy League University, Penn offers a wide selection of meeting facilities, auditoriums, conference rooms, open-air plazas and ballrooms. Use our resources to schedule your conference, meeting or event and leave the fine touches to us. We are ready to coordinate every detail.

Resources for Guests

The University of Pennsylvania is ideally located for airport, major highway, rail, bus, and subway access, in the heart of University City, Philadelphia. University City is a great place to dine out, shop and offers a wide array of arts and culture venues.

Resources for Students

With its picturesque walkways and landmark architecture, Penn's beautiful campus houses great resources for students.  We accommodate visiting international students, scholars, and a variety of summer programs.  Our department can provide a variety of dining options and resources to make any stay on Penn's campus enjoyable and productive.