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Please note the following regarding tuition rates at the Center:

  • Spaces are subject to availability and funding.
  • The Penn rate is available to Penn faculty, staff, students, and UPHS employees.
  • The Assisted Rate is available only to regular University faculty and staff meeting eligibility requirements. It is not available to UPHS employees.
    • Subject to space availability and funding.
    • Part-time slots and sibling discounts also available. Contact Center for additional details.
  • Two-week tuition deposit is due in advance of admission. This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied toward last two weeks of tuition upon one month’s notice of withdrawal.
  • A limited fee-assistance program is available to University employees. Please contact the Center for further details.

Tax Implications:

Important Tax Implications under applicable IRS regulations, any subsidies for dependent care provided by the University are required must be reflected on your Form W-2 as employer-provided dependent care assistance. These subsidies are taken into account in determining the maximum annual exclusion for tax-free employer provided dependent care assistance (currently $5000 annually). This includes both the University discounted rate and any direct fee reduction approved for eligible families. You will therefore want to take into consideration any University-provided subsidy for Penn Children’s Center in determining your salary reduction election for the University’s Dependent Care Expense Account Plan. The total amount of any subsidies and the total amount of your contributions to the Dependent Care Pre-Tax Expense Account cannot go over the annual limit of $5,000. Any amounts over the IRS limit would be reflected on your W-2 as imputed income. If you have any questions concerning your spending account, you may contact the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENNBEN (1-888-736-6236).