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A Portrait of the Cow as a Young Artist
Albert Mahler Maguire, MD
April 13 - May 10, 2017

The cow has co-existed with humans since the beginning of modern civilization. It has provided us with warmth and sustenance, clothing and food, shelter and companionship. We rarely celebrate a species other than our own to which we owe so much. Maguire paints cows to celebrate a fellow animal that has evolved with us, as we ourselves. This show will feature archival prints made from Maguire’s original oil paintings.

Albert Mahler Maguire, MD is Professor of Ophthalmology at HUP and at the Scheie Eye Institute. His research is focused on gene therapy for retinal degeneration and gene therapy for ocular neovascularization.

A reception will be held in the Gallery on Friday, April 28 from 4 to 6 PM.
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