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October Exhibit


Seas and Cities

Paintings by Lisa Reindorf

October 11 - November 5, 2018

Lisa Reindorf believes that “artists have the ability to bring together scientific and creative disciplines and interpret data and information through creative insight and vision.” Much of her work focuses on the obliteration of the natural world to make way for cities—and the obliteration of cities by the natural world. She paints aerial views of coastal areas that depict cities and architectural infrastructure inundated by rising seas and storm surges. Gridded geometric patterns are overlaid with swirling patterns of nature in vibrant colors. 

Reindorf has a BA in Design of the Environment from Penn and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. She is an architect, artist and climate change activist and has recently completed an artist residency at the studios at Mass MOCA, the largest contemporary art museum in the USA. 

On Thursday, October 11 at 4 PM, Lisa will present a talk entitled: "Melting ice to rising seas- the Artist’s view" on how artists depict the chain of sea rise, starting with global warming, melting icebergs, rising seas. The talk will be held at the Gallery and will be followed by a reception from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

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