NCH Zone

New International Student Move In: August 21,2018:

8 am - 2 pm: TBD

New Student Move In: August 22,2018:

6 am – 7 am: Unloading will be curb side and self-service.

8 am – 8 pm: Unloading to carts will be done by Move In staff in order to keep traffic moving.

What to Expect:

Who will help?:

August 21, 8 – 2 pm

August 22, 8 – 8 pm

Move In staff will assist in unloading cars, bringing filled carts to student rooms.

Staff will be also show new residents where to check in and be issued temporary keys for room access, check-in, and how to access guest passes for their guests.

Tips for making it work and to keep traffic moving:

Drivers must stay with their car, once unloaded they must move to remote lots where they will be able to park for the remainder of the day at no cost. Directions to remote lots will be posted on the RHS website in late July.

Checking In, Temporary Key Pick Up, Guest Passes:

The resident will present a photo ID to check in and obtain either their temporary key.

Where:at the white check-in tent located on the walkway outside of the entrance to Hill. They should do this while the car is being unloaded.

Guest Passes: Residents may pick up guest passes when they check in. They will be asked for photo IDs for each of their guests. The guests may also pick up their passes at the check in location and must provide photo ID.

Additional Information:

Campus wide operations end on August 26, including parking access and complimentary lot parking.

For all other dates, residents should plan to park and pay at City of Philadelphia kiosk managed spaces and to be careful of parking restrictions and times.