Cancellation Policy
When you apply for housing you are electronically signing a binding agreement to live on campus and pay rent for the academic year, per the Terms and Conditions for University Housing. Your financial obligation begins when you or your Captain selects a room or you are assigned a space.  Cancelling your room will result in a cancellation fee.

If you are unhappy with the room you chose in Room Selection, consider a Room Selection Room Change.  It is the risk-free way to request a different assignment without cancelling your current one and incurring a cancellation fee.  For more information, click here.

Cancellation Fee Schedule

Written cancellation received:

TBD-Terms Currently Under Review

*Residents of Sansom Place remaining in continuous residence cannot cancel this agreement after June 30, 2018. 

No cancellations are accepted after a resident picks up keys or takes occupancy.

If a roommate cancels, a new roommate will be assigned at any time during the year without prior notification to residents.  We cannot guarantee that assigned roommates will match your personal preferences.  Any attempt to discourage an assigned roommate will result in disciplinary action and possibly being charged additional rent.